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Live Video Monitoring and
Security Guard Services

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O.D.S. Security P.R. Inc. is a highly regarded security services company that provides a professional workforce to its clients. We specialize in surveillance and patrol services and also provide security measures at a variety of public events. Our fast, reliable, and experienced resources reduce risk and ensure customer satisfaction. Our management continually prepares and develops new strategies to meet customer needs.


Our Services

O.D.S. Security P.R. Inc. provides efficient security solutions for a wide range of clients, demonstrating our integrity, commitment and ability to maintain a safe work environment. We take advantage of the high level training of our President, Mr. Richard Figueroa, his 30 years of experience in the area of security services and attention to detail.

We have federal certifications

O.D.S. Security, Inc.
Live Video Monitoring and Security Guard Services
Protection - Investigation
O.D.S. Security P.R. Inc is enrolled in the Simplified Acquisition Program of US Federal Contractor Registration(USFCR).